AI Chat Interface

February 7, 2024

Week 5

Week 5 of Embark covered ChatGPT, the most ubiquitous AI tool on the market today made by Open AI. ChatGPT was released to the public in late 2022, and became the fastest growing technology platform to date. The paid $20/Month account grants access to the latest and greatest models including GPT4, GPT4-Turbo, as well as access to Dalle3 image generation and "GPTs"; a build your own chat bot service.

I've followed and utilized the ChatGPT AI tools for a while and find the $20/Month service to be very useful. Some AI tool use cases that I've found useful include resume editing, cover letter editing, interactive idea generation, image generations, note summarization, email reviews, writing job descriptions, researching topics, the list goes on. I recently used ChatGPT to research a list of zip codes and locations to quickly understand more about city, county, and geographic regions for a project I was working on.

The week 5 Embark project was to use ChatGPT to create branding. I've decided to use this to create a personal brand logo, taglines, and further descriptions about the professional consulting services that I offer. I am continuing to learn and build my personal brand, and actively making decisions on how I want to present services and my work. I am balancing my professional full time work against personal passion projects and the pursuit of further growth.


Following the lesson from the Embark Session, I utilized the PREP methodology in creating a personal "GPT" within ChatGPT. I instructed the GPT to be a Marketing Agency assisting in creating brand assets including Logos, Taglines, and Descriptions for the client. My goal was to allow myself to start fresh chats with my creative marketing agency assistant and not need to repeat the setup prompts for me PREP work. I also gave the GPT instructions to help assist with creating marketing campaign ideas such as instagram, linkedin, and blog posts. Lastly I instructed my GPT to mindful of SEO best practices.

I then wrote out my thoughts about my personal brand and the services I'd like to offer with my GPT, and used it to create the following:


Empowering Simplicity: Transforming Business with Smart Solutions


As a dedicated Consultant, I excel in crafting custom no-code and low-code software solutions that streamline business processes and enhance operational efficiency. My expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge tools such as Framer, Microsoft PowerPlatform, Google Suite, Tally, Stripe, SQL, and Airtable to develop modern, intuitive interfaces. These tools enable me to simplify data interaction and elevate user experiences, making complex processes straightforward and actionable.

My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the operational needs of businesses and a commitment to continuous improvement. I specialize in optimizing data analytics and refining project management practices, complemented by providing strategic business feedback and insights. By harnessing the power of leading no-code and low-code platforms, I empower organizations to achieve operational excellence, drive meaningful growth, and navigate the complexities of modern business environments with ease and efficiency.


Last Thoughts:

Finally, utilizing these assets I've updated various content across my website (built in Framer). I then went through my existing portfolio & blog posts, fed these into my GPT "Branding Assistant", and asked it to update my content to optimize for my services as well as SEO. Note that for each one of my rewritten posts, I took the very first response that my customized GPT created.

That's all for week 5! Looking forward to continuing my journey through Embark.

Dustin Doucette - 2024