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January 14, 2024

Note: The below section was re-written from my original words by an AI Branding Assistant I built during week 5 of Embark. Read my week 5 ChatGPT post for more insights. The original text is preserved at the bottom.

Updated Post:

Embarking on the initial session of our Embark training series, we were introduced to the world of Framer, a platform renowned for its prowess in enabling no-code website development. This session was not just an introduction to a tool but an invitation to challenge our boundaries and expand our skill sets. As someone who has traditionally not identified as strong in UI/UX design, this presented both a challenge and an opportunity for growth.

My first endeavor with Framer involved constructing a website from the ground up. This hands-on approach was instrumental in familiarizing myself with the nuances of the platform, delving deep into its functionalities and exploring the breadth of possibilities it offers. However, upon reviewing my initial creation, I realized that it fell short of my expectations. This realization was not a setback but a catalyst for further exploration and learning.

In pursuit of excellence, I decided to reset the canvas and embark on a new journey with Framer. This time, my starting point was a template that resonated with my aesthetic sensibilities and thematic vision. This template served as a foundation upon which I built and personalized, transforming it into a bespoke digital representation of my professional persona. The process involved meticulous adjustments and customizations, ensuring every element of the website aligned with my desired narrative and visual appeal.

The culmination of this endeavor was a website crafted entirely through no-code tools, a testament to the power and accessibility of modern web development platforms. Framer laid the groundwork, ChatGPT lent its linguistic prowess for content generation, facilitated seamless contact form integrations, and Calendly ensured my availability was transparent and accessible.

This project was more than just the creation of a website; it was a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement. It bolstered my confidence in leveraging no-code tools to bring visions to life, democratizing web development and empowering individuals to narrate their stories through digital canvases.

Looking ahead, this website is poised to become the central nexus for all my professional endeavors, interests, and explorations. It will not only showcase my projects and insights but also serve as a platform for engagement, collaboration, and connection. The journey with Framer, though initially daunting, has unfolded into a promising avenue for innovation, creativity, and personal branding. As I prepare to launch this site, I am filled with anticipation for the opportunities it will unlock, the connections it will foster, and the impact it will enable me to make.

Original Post:

The first Embark training was around Framer. Initially, I built a version of a website from scratch to teach myself all of the site functionality. I recognize that I do not have the strongest UI/UX skills, so after I created my first site I wasn't satisfied. I decided to start over after finding a template that matched a theme and aesthetic that I enjoyed. I kept most of the structure in place but updated everything in the website to create a fully functional website showcasing myself.

This site was created using 100% No-code tools. Framer for the site, ChatGPT for some content generation, for contact form, and Calendly for my calendar scheduling.

With newfound confidence in building a website, I intend to launch this site as the hub for all things I am working on and interested in.

Dustin Doucette - 2024