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January 24, 2024

Note: The below section was re-written from my original words by an AI Branding Assistant I built during week 5 of Embark. Read my week 5 ChatGPT post for more insights. The original text is preserved at the bottom.

Updated Post:

During the third session of our Embark journey, we delved into the multifaceted world of Notion, with its versatile yet intricate framework, defies simple categorization. My previous engagements with Notion were brief, as it hadn't seamlessly integrated with my individual workflow.

However, embracing the spirit of growth and exploration within the Embark program, I decided to give Notion another chance, this time to orchestrate the various components of my Embark projects. Following the session guidelines, I established a team space, integrating multiple databases to meticulously manage my projects and session annotations. Yet, I soon discovered that this extensive setup consumed 81% of the available "team blocks," revealing the limitations tied to the team space configuration. This insight led me to contemplate reverting these pages to private ones post-confirmation week, aiming to navigate within the constraints more freely.

Beyond the Embark curriculum, an intriguing opportunity emerged to synergize the Tally forms introduced in the previous session with Notion, enhancing my consultation management process. I crafted a bespoke form for clients to submit their consultation requests, which seamlessly fed into a dedicated Notion database. This integration enables a holistic approach to client management, from capturing detailed requests with priority levels to tracking tasks, monitoring time, calculating invoices, and automating notifications.

This newfound application of Notion in my workflow is a testament to the potential of embracing new tools and adapting them to our unique professional landscapes. I'm keen to further explore this integration and its impact on streamlining consultation processes, marking an exciting phase in my continuous quest for efficiency and innovation.

Original Post:

Embark Session 3 covered the site. Notion is a powerful tool that is sort of hard to put in a descriptive box. I've used it a bit before, but I usually bounce off of it as for independent work it has never matched up to my personal workflow.

In joining Embark and challenging myself, it felt like it made sense to try to use it to organize my Embark projects. I created the teamspace per the instructions, but by the time I was done setting it up with multiple databases to manage my projects and session notes, I noticed that I had already consumed 81% of the allotted "team blocks". Apparently when you create a teamspace, you now have a limit on the blocks you make. After this week is confirmed I will probably convert those pages back into my standard private pages, so that I can try to work within them without concern for limits.

Separate from the Embark project, I began to see an opportunity to connect the Tally forms we learned in week 2 to my Notion to manage my consultation work. I created a client specific form to collect consultation requests and shared a link to a client. Then I created a Notion database to intake the form requests. Now I can collect specific information including options like priority from my client, and then I can manage my tasks, track time, calculate invoice totals, and automate notifications to myself. Excited to see how this works for my workflow.

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